JUNE 17TH | JUNE 25TH. MicroTEATRO refers to a collection of small format plays surrounding the same themes (or not) presented simultaneously for a rotating audience. In our version of MicroTEATRO.



by Carmen Rivera, directed by Sofia Ubilla Featuring: Camila Pérez, Dylan Arredondo, Daniela Thome

Unfinished Stories

by Marianna Careño, directed by Brisa Areli Muñoz Featuring: Valeria Avina, Daniela González y Pérez


by C. Quintana, directed by Melissa Crespo Featuring: Andres Nicolas Chavez, Kaelyn A. Gonzalez

Baby Steps

by Caridad Svich, directed by Estefanía Fadul Featuring: Michael León, Ashley Alvarez

Foul Shots

by Christin Eve Cato, directed by Itzel Ayala Featuring: Ashley Marie Oritz, Maria Renee Lavalle Mendez

Epstein’s Paint

by Julissa Contreras, directed by Rebecca Martinez Featuring: Sijean Gonzalez, Derick Sherrier


JUNE 5TH | JUNE 26TH. A Queer Latino bear named Oso Fabuloso has recently been dumped by a two-timing daddy bear. In order to overcome his depression, Oso seeks the help of his therapist Dr. Calvo


Book and lyrics by C. Julian Jiménez, music by PK Variance
Cast: Joseph Distl, C. Julian Jiménez, Vasilios Leon, PK Variance
Music Director/Guitar: PK Variance
Keyboards: Robert Cowie
Drums: Ray Rizzo

Bass: Jesse Sklar
Scenic and Costume Design: Timmy Schues
Sound and Light Design: Alberto Ruiz
Stage Managers: Fran Acuña-Almiron, Katie Curran
Executive Director: Paul Slee Rodriguez

Artistic Director: Lou Moreno
Artistic Producer: Nidia Medina
Technical Director: Christopher Cancel-Pomales
Production Manager: Alejandra Maldonado
Health and Safety Officer: Camry A’Keen